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Latest data on current Brickell rental market conditions, June 30 2017

Miami Properties Network – Brickell Rental Report – June 30th, 2017 – Also available online 
Here is the summary of our latest Brickell rental report for June 30th, 2017!
List Price: $2,318
Area (Under A/C): 807 Sq Ft
Days on the Market (DOM): 72
Year Built: 2004
List Price: $3,493
Area (Under A/C): 1,255 Sq Ft
Days on the Market (DOM): 84
Year Built: 2005
List Price: $6,176
Area (Under A/C): 2,021 Sq Ft
Days on the Market (DOM): 95
Year Built: 2003
List Price: $2,121
Rented Price: $2,035
Days on the Markert (DOM): 66
Area (Under A/C): 813 Sq Ft
Year Built: 2005
List Price: $3,016
Rented Price: $2,888
Days on the Markert (DOM): 77
Area (Under A/C): 1,228 Sq Ft
Year Built: 2004
List Price: $4,666
Rented Price: $4,439
Days on the Markert (DOM): 91
Area (Under A/C): 1,689 Sq Ft
Year Built: 2006
For the complete report, please click here
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Jorge Muñoz is a real estate professional with more than 11 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate in South Florida. He brings a solid business development background in obtaining clients, understanding their needs, providing viable alternatives and closing deals. Furthermore, he has established an exclusive clientele of real estate investors from South America, seeking to protect their assets outside the financial risks experienced in their countries of origin. Before becoming an independent agent, Jorge worked as the right-hand of one of the partners of celebrated developer J. Milton & Associates, one of the top 10 developers in Florida. He was crucial in the completion of the company’s single largest residential bulk deal with an international firm in London back in 2009, participating in the negotiations between the developer and the client to finalize the $42-million deal despite the raising uncertainty of the markets at the time. As an avid traveler, having visited 24 countries in Europe, America and the Caribbean, Jorge is sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of international buyers and has been able to build lasting relations that translate into repeated sales. For him, forging trust with clients is the most important asset anyone can have in this field. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida, completed a Graduate Program in Administration and Management from the Harvard Extension School and graduated from Rutgers University with a Master in Business Administration. Jorge is also an active Florida licensed real estate agent. He speaks fluently English and Spanish and has a conversation skill level of Portuguese.

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