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We currently have a great deal of clients looking to invest in properties that ren-

der excellent returns, meeting or exceeding their expectations. Said returns in

many cases are key for proper retirement planning based on a sustainable inco-

me strategy and a strong real estate portfolio. In most instances it is preferred

to invest available cash parked in bank accounts yielding minimum returns on

investment opportunities offering high returns while maintaining low risks. We

specialize in finding excellent deals in the distress property market, whether

through county auctions or banks' REOs. We have a team that can upgrade and

flip them or incorporate them to a portfolio of rental property. You make the call.

  • Your money may generate up to 20% ROI based on purchases with reduced risk.
  • Your investment is backed by real estate, a tangible and stable asset, purchased under market value.
  • Rental values in south Florida have experienced a positive increase benefiting investors.
  • Investment properties are currently undergoing great demand due to the high rental values.
  • The real estate market in Florida is robust as a result of strong foreign investments.
  • Financing for foreign buyers available with 25% down. Even better conditions apply to local investors.
  • Foreign buyers may open a real estate company in the U.S. as a vehicle to obtain legal immigration status.

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